What is Pressbox?

Pressbox is introducing a new way to dry clean, launder, and take care of your shoes.  We’re placing boxes in residences, offices, gyms, and other convenient locations.  At our lockers, you can pick up and drop off your items on your schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How do I get started?

Easy. Click SIGN-UP/LOGIN at the top of the page and follow the steps to create an account.   Alternatively, you can download our mobile App and get started. 


How long does it take?

Turnaround varies based on location.  Chicago turnaround: Two days, as long as the order is placed by 8 AM (7 AM on Fridays). Washington D.C., turnaround:  Two business days, as long as the order is placed by 7 AM. Nashville, and Philadelphia turnaround: Two business days, as long as the order is placed by 8 AM. In all cities, repairs, shoes, and household items may require a longer turnaround.


What are the blue Pressbox bags for?

Your first order will be returned in a protective garment bag barcoded with your information. Please keep this and reuse to drop off future orders. The bag opens from the bottom and closes using the drawstring.


How do I drop off my first wash & fold order?

On your first wash & fold order, put your items in a plastic bag in a different locker than your dry cleaning order & bag.  In the app, let us know the order is for wash & fold, and we will return your order in an orange bag that you can then re-use in future orders.

Your colors will be separated from whites, and we never mix your clothes with another customer's.  We will then clean your order per your preferences, fold your clothes, and match your socks!



We ask that customers do not drop off clothes with personal hangers.  Unfortunately, it is impossible and potentially harmful to the garments to keep hangers with any garments throughout the cleaning process.  We will gladly take back any wire hangers for recycling purposes, just include these at the bottom of your drawstring blue bag!


How do I pay?

Simply save a credit card in your online account profile and it will be securely charged on all future orders. We also email you an itemized receipt with every order so there are no surprises. You must have a credit card on file in order for your order pick-up information to be released.


How do I tell you my cleaning preferences or instructions?

You can input your starch, detergent, and other preferences in your online account profile, and we’ll save them for all future orders. You can also use our app to tell us about tough stains, indicate missing buttons, or any other special instructions.  You can also always email us with any special instructions.  Do not include paper notes as these often get lost during transit!


Where do my clothes get cleaned?

Our cleaning partners were recommended by the top hotels and bridal boutiques in the city. They service five star hotels, providing superb eco-friendly cleaning for your garments.


Are you green?

While 85% of dry cleaners use a toxic, petroleum-based solvent called Perc, we are 100% Perc-free and use a safe, greener alternative called hydrocarbon.


What happens if I’m out of town and I leave my laundry in a box for a week?

Not to worry!  We’ll send you a reminder or make special arrangements if there is an issue.


Still need help?

Contact us anytime at support@usepressbox.com.