What is Pressbox?

Pressbox is like Redbox, but for dry cleaning. We're revolutionizing the dry cleaning industry by offering a convenient way to complete a mundane task. We have established over 350 locations across the U.S. since 2013. We originated in Chicago and have since expanded to Washington D.C., Nashville, and Philadelphia! With no delivery fees, service fees, or fees to residential buildings, we install our lockers for free!.

Why Choose Pressbox?

Grow Revenue

Residents reported that they are willing to pay an average of $51.75 more in monthly rent because of Pressbox.

Improve occupancy rates

98% of residents said they are more likely to choose a building with Pressbox than one without.

lower turnover

60% of residents said that Pressbox positively impacted their decision to renew their lease.

enhance resident satisfaction

Pressbox has an average Net Promoter Score of 69 - the same as Amazon.

The Details

How much space does pressbox need?

Pressbox recommends just 45 inches of wall space per 100 units, and each locker is 15 inches wide.

How much time will Pressbox require?

None. Pressbox handles everything, from install to resident/tenant engagement.

How much does Pressbox cost?

Pressbox operates at no cost to the property and requires no utilities.

Our Partner Buildings

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Broadstone Evoke

Broadstone 51/51

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555 Ross Avenue Apartments

4110 Fairmount

Avana Knox Henderson

Arpeggio at Victory Park

M-Line Tower

SKYE of Turtle Creek

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